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Grinning, the little round man with the pug nose put his hands to his rosy cheeks and smiled. “My, darling, you are so beautiful with your long slender legs.” He stood gazing at her before fumbling in his khaki knapsack for his iPhone. “I must have your picture. Please don’t move. The color of that bench suits you so well.”
The sunlight filtered through the green leaves that June day in the park. What a perfect day to be with his love, his darling. “There, I have your picture.”
He sat down along side of her on the bench. She pressed her long slender legs against his thigh. He sighed.
A skinny man wearing a baseball cap and faded jeans approached the little round man. Happy sitting next to his darling, the little round man smiled and said, “Sir, how are you this fine day?”
“I’m enjoying a rare day outdoors.” He ambled towards the bench. Suddenly he ripped of his cap and swatted the little round man on his thigh. “A spider! It’s dead now.”
“Oh, no. You - you killed my golden orb weaver. The little Arachnologist – spider expert - jumped to his feet; and swinging his knapsack, he bopped the befuddled fellow on his head.
The man rubbed his head and said, “Ouch, but a spider. I panicked.”
The little round man shook his finger at the man. “Don’t swat the small stuff.”


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Now available authored by Ed Pahnke

The Chiefs Investigate – a book containing fifteen mystery stories – is available from the publisher, Calderwood Books. Follow the protagonists, Charlie and Jimmy Chief - two mainstream Native American private detectives - while they crack cozy mysteries and smiles. The book is available from the publisher in eBook format or in paperback at the publisher’s Website and as an eBook from Fictionwise.


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The novel results from Pahnke’s fascination with and love for Wisconsin's North Woods, the 1930s, and the Robin Hood legends. The novel begins with Bob Brunet and Marian Alcott about to be married. The sheriff bursts into the church...


Latest News from Pahnke Books

In 2009 he had a thirty-three page chapbook of “jest for pun” jokes published by Shadow Poetry. Now he is now preparing to publish it as an eBook. Look for more about the chapbook publication here on the website as they occur.
A new cover format will also go along with the eBook.