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The Chief Investigates

A book containing fifteen mystery stories – is available from the publisher, Calderwood Books. Follow the protagonists, Charlie and Jimmy Chief - two mainstream Native American private detectives - while they crack cozy mysteries and smiles. The book is available from the publisher in eBook format or in paperback at the publisher’s Website and as an eBook from Fictionwise.


Book Title

Northern Knights

The novel results from Pahnke’s fascination with and love for Wisconsin's North Woods, the 1930s, and the Robin Hood legends. The novel begins with Bob Brunet and Marian Alcott about to be married. The sheriff bursts into the church to arrest Bob. He's falsely accused of theft. Bob and his best man, Will Scathlock, flee, taking refuge in the nearby Manitou Hills. Compounding his troubles, Bob is framed for the murder of a former employee. The witness who accuses him is herself murdered. He's blamed for both crimes and lands in jail. Numerous obstacles thwart Bob and Marian before the astonishing conclusion